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                                                                                                             ——(高三一  許克)

        Today,we  have a special  meeting with the theme of “Fighting for College Entrance  Examination” in the hall . Nearly seven hundred stuents  sit quietly,and full of energy. 

        Undoubtedly,the college entrance examination is the most significant competition during our teenage. Because in the following years,where to study , what to do,and how to make  us what we  want to be all depend it.  

        Meanwhile,every student’s parents or grandparents attend the communiation meeting in the  classroom,which is held by our headteacher.There is no denying the fact that our parents attach much more attention to the coming  college entrance examination.Then,at about twenty to eleven ,my parents and  I  gather on the playground. 

        Long time no see,excitedly,we walk,talk,eat and have a wonderful time.More inportently,I  deeply  dawn on  how grateful I am to  my parents and I will  never let them down ,I promise .Last but not least,we have a tight schedule,every  second counts.Time and tide wait no man. Additionally,A sense of  responsibility inspires us  study harder and harder to realize all our  dreams. I have a firm belief that only time will tell us that  all our efforts will  pay off  in the near future .  

                                                                                                        ——(高三一  劉巖)


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